Monday, June 02, 2003


A disappointing first Monday in June, although the opinions in three argued cases and one summary reversal turned out to be somewhat more interesting than it originally appeared. The per curiam summary reversal, in the context of a claim for arbitration under the FAA, contains a nice Commerce Clause discussion that unfortunately smacks down the Alabama Supreme Court for refusing to tow the Wickard line (apparently this was not an "appropriate case" for the much-needed reconsideration of that jurisprudence); the trademark case has interesting facts (although it's no Victor's Little Secret) and interesting legal analysis; and the removal case has Justices Scalia and Thomas once again showing up the rest of the Court (proving again that if President Bush sticks to his promise of appointing like-minded jurists, we'll see a change for the better in the little things as well as the big ones). Trust us, you can skip the power commission case entirely; we trudged our way through it and did not get even one nice turn of phrase for our efforts. Head over to the Court's official site to check the cases out. We're feeling too lazy today to provide direct links.


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