Monday, November 25, 2002

THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN (originally posted 5/01)

If only the Constitution had a good index, he could see that "abortion" doesn't occur anywhere in it . . . .

From the Boston Globe:

"Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law School: Although I'm a well-informed and highly educated reader, I experience enormous frustration, especially on Sundays, in locating things within the Globe. Today, I wanted to know where I could find information about which movies are playing where. In the classified Index on page A-2, I looked under Arts (no entry), under Films (no entry), and under Movies (no entry). The index proved useless. I was about to give up when I happened upon the movie listings in Arts Etc., Section M. If I had this problem despite my background and general literacy, I imagine many others experience the same problem."


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